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Personal Training

At Verve Gyms Swords

We keep it simple. Our team of personal trainers have lots of experience and specialise in a variety of areas including injury prevention, strength training, rehabilitation, and weight loss. You first meet with a trainer for a no-cost, confidential consultation to learn more about one another, establish where you are and where you want to go. If you decide that personal training is the way for you, your trainer will then design a program to fit you – your goals, your schedule, your likes and dislikes.



Weight Loss – Most people know they need to change their eating habits in order to lose weight, but they also don’t know where to start. Should they be gluten-free, cut all sugars, eat only green vegetables – it can be confusing and disheartening to make these changes alone. At Verve you can work with a nutrition specialist to help you learn what food plan works best for your body in order to achieve long-term success.


Strength Training – Wanting to learn how to put size on your frame? Come work with a Verve trainer who specialises in creating muscle mass in a safe and healthy way


Wedding Training – Verve trainers work with individuals or couples who are planning for that special day and want to look their best. We target change in the areas based on your needs. If you’re a bride-to-be, your personal trainer can look at pictures of you in your dress to develop a plan so you look and feel your best when you put that dress on.


Prenatal and Postnatal Fitness – Exercise safely during pregnancy for more energy, reduced stress and anxiety, fewer complications, shorter labor time and quicker recovery from pregnancy and childbirth. We can help you achieve these goals in a safe, nurturing environment during and after pregnancy.


Rehabilitation – Regain strength and flexibility through a safe, effective post-rehabilitative fitness program as you recover from injury or disease. We work with you and your doctor to plan workout routines that not only help you heal but also help protect you from injuries in the future.


Prices – To hire a one to one personal at Verve Gyms will cost between €40 - €65 per session. The price depends on what services you will require, whether you pay by session or block book. Also if its one individual or a group session .